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From Roast to Post

Throw nothing away.

As I’m starting out on a new coffee roasting journey, I’m making sure that the roasting process and what comes through your door is as environmentally friendly as possible. 

Everyone should be doing this anyway. Not for marketing brownie points, but because it’s more important than ever. 

So shiny. Total finger print magnet.

Eclectic is Electric

Starting with roasting — rather than head down a gas roasting route, I’ve invested in an all-electric roaster. 

In reality, the end result is no different. But the process is far more environmentally friendly — no exhaust fumes being pumped into the local atmosphere, only the heated aroma of freshly roasted coffee beans.  

Equally electricity suppliers are using renewable sources of power at a growing rate.

You can find out more about the super shiny Eclectic electric roaster here

It’s in the bag

I had an aim — 100% recyclable. I’ve hit that and more from day one. Nothing needs to go to landfill, and you can even use coffee grounds as compost. 

Starting with the inner bag — this is 100% recyclable. I’m aiming for fully biodegradable.

Starts its journey right. Where it ends is up to you.

The choice to use postal bags rather than cardboard boxes or plastic sacks is a deliberate one too. Firstly they’re made from recycled materials, and in turn are not only fully recyclable and also biodegradable. 

And from a delivery perspective, the 250g is letterbox friendly while still remaining compact. While researching postage and packaging, you’d be amazed how many fail this simple requirement.

It’s an ongoing process, but I’ve started off as I mean to go on. The rest is up to you. 

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