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Hi there. I’m Mike.

I roast coffee.

30+ years working in international trade and development has taken me on a coffee journey around the globe and back again. From Albania to Zambia, Austria to Zimbabwe, I’ve been drinking good, bad, and indifferent coffee, and immersing myself in its wonderful culture.  

Somewhere along the line, shopping for coffee became confusing, with many online shops offering more choices than a Scandinavian smorgasbord. Choice isn’t always good.

So I’ve kept it simple. Four 100% Arabica single origin speciality coffee choices, along with an espresso blend, based on your personal preferred roast style, choices that will change on a regular basis.

Coffee is open for all to enjoy. Coffee doesn’t care if you brew with a Chemex or Moka Pot. Coffee isn’t bothered if you’re a hipster or a punk. Coffee just makes everything better.

Eclectic Coffee – Oil For The Soul.

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