It’s time for a summer holiday. So the Eclectic Roastery will be closed from Saturday 13th July and will reopen on Wednesday 24th July.

The Eclectic shop

5 roasts. 4 grinds. 3 weights.

Post or collection.

Deliberately simple.

For people who just want to buy some fresh coffee, the online experience can be overwhelming. So I thought hard about how to make it as simple as possible.

In fact, it’s so simple, it fits on a single page.

Eclectic is about renewably roasting a hand-picked range of ethically sourced coffee beans and posting them in entirely recyclable packaging.

Pick from five roasts, four grinds (including whole beans), and three weights. If you’re unsure how much to buy, check this helpful page about what you can expect from each bag size.

Delivery is via Royal Mail, the greenest delivery service. Or if you live close enough to Consett, you can pop in to collect your order.

See? Deliberately simple.

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