Dark roast — Torino — NEW COFFEE VARIETY


Variety:  Yellow Bourbon
Roast Profile:  Dark
Process:  Pulped Natural
Altitude: 1150m
Origin: Patos de Minas, Cerrado, Brazil
Tasting Notes: Orange and cherry with praline and milk chocolate
SCA Cupping Score:  83.5


Torino Roast: Fazenda Pântano

Located in the heart of the Cerrado, near the city of Patos de Minas, Fazenda Pântano stands tall at an altitude of 1,150 meters. This vast farm encompasses 550 hectares of land, out of which over 300 hectares are dedicated to preserving natural forest reserves. Remarkably, this is six times more than the legal mandate according to Brazilian laws.

Fazenda Pântano is not just known for its expansive land but also its dedication to coffee production. The farm boasts over 200 varietals of coffee, with many of these varietals still in the experimental phase. In a bid to revolutionize coffee processing and flavor, the farm collaborates closely with the Brazilian Coffee Research Institute.

The harvesting process at Fazenda Pântano is meticulous. Large red cherries are handpicked and then go through a post-harvest process where the cherry’s skin and much of its mucilage are removed. These beans, now sticky and raw, are laid out on African-style raised beds. Here, they are turned over frequently, ensuring they dry evenly over a span of 10 to 14 days. This method not only reduces water consumption but also imparts a distinct acidity to the coffee, balanced with the renowned smooth body typical of Brazilian brews. For eight consecutive years, the consistency in the quality of coffee sourced from Fazenda Pântano has been unwavering.

But what truly sets Fazenda Pântano apart is its commitment to sustainability and precision agriculture. The farm utilizes GPS technology to ensure soil health, accurately delivering nutrients where they are most needed. Furthermore, it employs environmentally-friendly methods such as using honey-based insecticides to ward off pests. When it’s time to nourish the plants, sprays with an ionic charge are used, ensuring they cling to the coffee leaves and minimize wastage.

Beyond agriculture, Fazenda Pântano is deeply rooted in its community. It backs a local school, offering numerous training programs and courses for its staff, ensuring their well-being with comprehensive health care provisions. Furthermore, the farm proudly holds a certification from the Rainforest Alliance, a testament to its dedication to meeting high social, economic, and environmental standards.

Owned by the Ferrero Family and known for its Yellow Bourbon variety, Fazenda Pântano is a shining example of how modern farming techniques can coexist with traditional values and community welfare. It stands as a beacon in the world of coffee, showcasing the balance between nature, nurture, and innovation.

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