Shipping your Eclectic Beans

Safe in every way.


The Eclectic Coffee nano roastery operates Tuesday to Thursday, with generally roasting on Tuesday/Wednesday and despatch on a Thursday. Every batch is roasted to order, and let’s remember the crucial aspect — coffee beans need to sit for a period of time after roasting to release the carbon dioxide gases inside them. 

My personal opinion is that for brewing methods like filter/French press etc, the beans should be left to de-gas for at least 3 days prior to drinking. And for espresso, I would leave it a week. 

Every bag of coffee that leaves Eclectic, will have both a batch number and roast date on it, so you can plan your coffee drinking accordingly, and enjoy the best possible coffee experience. 


Getting fab coffee to you in a clean, efficient, and safe manner is a priority for me. For this reason, I’ve chosen to partner with Royal Mail.  

If you don’t know, the Royal Mail was crowned the most climate-friendly UK carrier and this is important to Eclectic Coffee. 

Another important fact is to make sure your caffeinated delivery actually reaches you. If you’re not in, some delivery drivers have a tendency to put your parcel in a bin, or perhaps a shed, or sometimes with neighbours that you don’t really get on with. Oh, and then they forget to put a card through your letterbox to say where the parcel is. Sound familiar? 

With Royal Mail if you’re not in, the postie (who you may be familiar with) will generally take the parcel to your local Post Office or Delivery Office and with over twelve thousand of them, you won’t have far to travel to collect it.

Eclectic only ships within the UK and we use Royal Mail Standard 48 for the 250g and 500g bags and Royal Mail Standard 24 for the 1kg bags.  

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