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Welcome to Eclectic Coffee Roasters


You are here — you’ve spent a fortune in coffee shops and want to do it yourself at home. But where do you buy coffee? The logical place to start is to Google “coffee beans” (click the link to do it for you). 

Almost 300 million results later, you’ll come to understand that it’s a huge and complex minefield populated by massive supermarkets, large-scale one-stop beverage companies selling EVERYTHING, and thousands of independent coffee shops all vying for your attention. 

You just want good beans. It shouldn’t be this hard. Choice is not always good. 

And that’s why Eclectic Coffee Roasters, a nano-roastery in Country Durham, has been started. All I do is roast coffee beans. Five roasts in three weights, direct to your door. I’ll even grind them if you want.

Eclectic is unashamedly aimed at the toe-dippers of coffee culture. I keep it simple, ethical, and environmentally friendly.

But it has to start somewhere, and for me…

It starts with the roast

Coffee flavour is obviously dependent on bean origin. But as beginners, you’re more likely to know what kind of roast you like. 

So Eclectic Coffee is sold not by origin (although it’s always listed), but by roast — light, medium, medium dark, and dark. And after far too much testing, there’s also an espresso blend.

Each roast has been developed to suit different bean origins. A light roast may well offer a better flavour than the same bean dark roasted. And I’ve drunk life-threatening amounts of coffee just to make sure.

Ready to start? 

It’s easy — think about how you like your coffee and you’ll find a roast, size, and grind to suit. It’s that simple.

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