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Required reading — Coffee: It’s Not Rocket Science

Not a coffee table book — just a book about coffee.

if you’re digging into the Eclectic site, then it’s likely that you’re finding your feet in the big wide world (literally) of coffee culture. You want to move beyond the convenience of instant coffee or the expensive trips to the high street vendors.

If this is you, I cannot recommend this book highly enough.

Coffee: It’s Not Rocket Science” written by Sébastien Racineux and Chung-Leng Tran takes an exhaustive look at more or less everything to do with coffee culture. From the basics of being a coffee lover, spending time on making the perfect cup, and all the way through to the finer points of growing and the origin characteristics, the depth of detail is made easy to take in with non-technical explanations backed up with easy-to-understand illustrations.

While this book is all you’ll need to break yourself in gently, it’ll equally expand your deeper knowledge beyond the basics.

If you need this book on your coffee table, you can grab it from all major online retailers. But I do recommend buying from to directly support your local bricks and mortar book shop.

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